Tuesday, August 26, 2008

dun u wish u were special?

Dun you wish you could spread your wings and fly?

You feel stifle and wanna see the whole world...

Miles and miles you fly...

A different place you arrived at...

But the composite is the same...

Sand and Earth, Air and Wind, Wood and Fire, Clouds and Water

They are as they are...

Unless you can fly to space or thru the soil

You will always be one of us...

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hey ya… I’m back

Earlier then usual coz some pple have been heckling for me to update… so here I go
Watch the opening ceremony of the Olympic and didn’t find it that great contrary to what every one is saying… but I think its mostly the commentators here, they really suck, their explanation ands silence during the show was enough to turn me off regardless of the fireworks… haha… later found out that some part of the show was faked, and my china friends were like so happy that the Olympic ceremony was the greatest thing that happen… whatever

National day was jus after the Olympic and didn’t watch it coz I didn’t wan to waste my broadband…haha…thou my sis say it was kinda small after the Olympic one, but hey we are a small country and fireworks always makes us happy...hehe…still remember squeezing with pple on the bridge jus to see firework… must be tupid last time…

Went to an asian club on the same day, was kinda impromptu as my friend was showing some friends ard… had to wear a collar shirt to enter for guys, the club was interesting, bouncers and metal detections plus body search for guys before entering!!! Kinda extreme, dun’t u think but it was justify as I saw two fights that night!!! One was Caucasian fighting and other was Asian, the Caucasian fight resulting in a bloody face for one of them while the other fight was stopped before it got out of hand, although the Asian was shouting outside the club and he managed to get hold of a stick trying to get the other party out of the club to fight. Interesting thing I saw that night were of course the GIRLS!!! Dam they look fine, something abt the air or the food they eat, coz they had nice eyes… on their faces and … bodys as well!!! Haha…police in the city were cute also, they came on horses!!! We were far away at that time, but we saw the police on horses coming to investigate the ruckus coz by the fight.

Finally had a decent game of pool and at a proper place, thanks to another china friend, helped him out last sem, so he wanted to give me a treat, hard to say no to china guy wanting to repay a favor, and beside I get to save some money. So he treated me to some shanghai restaurant, wasn’t that bad, esp some eel thing he order… after that went to chill at pot black… yes pot black, where we had a few games of pool, did pretty well I must say, must have been along time since I played coz I felt and played dam good too!!!

Been starting to do my tutorial jus to pass the time, and found out that I have no free time if I really was doing my tutorial… haha… cheap and easy way to pass the time…

Nth much else happen, although I did have a sudden mood swing during the week… my family shld know abt it thou my friends dun, coz I’m seldom moody when I go out… jus felt lazy and didn’t want to do anything. Not really gd company when I’m moody, even my family dun wan to talk to me when I’m moody coz I tend to be snappish…

Study break is here, will see what I shall doing depending on my financial status… need to really find a job somewhere somehow…

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My com Crash...

3 shots and 4 bottles later

so did i

Sunday, July 20, 2008

joy is in the ear that hears and mouth thats speaks

Well it’s been a while… I realized that’s I’m not one to write about stuff… haha... but its seems that my friends are wondering what’s happening to me here… well some things can’t be put into words they must be experience to enjoy the mirth and joy in it, a picture speaks a thousands words and all that…

My life here is probably overrated… many of you would be rejoicing at the chance to be out of “boring” Singapore. But not many of you would realize that it’s hard to be living alone. We chafe at the restriction we have in Singapore and tend to think that western country is more fun and wild.

But I kid you not, my life here is boring to the max, living alone has its benefits and its cons also… benefits such as doing what you want, no one to tell you what to do, to nag at you to sleep early or wake up to do thing are kinda fun for the first few weeks but after that’s its depressing… my living alone is still restricted in the fact that I’m still getting money from my family for my expense and that limits the activity and freedom that I can do… money makes the world go round after all…

What I missed about sg is the food. Oh GOD… the endless choices of food that are available 24/7… here I have to fend for myself my meals and it’s a thankless chore, as I’m a guy with a big appetite but lazy to cook and clean up after it. A simple meal can take you up to an hr in preparation, cooking and cleaning up after. And I have restricted myself to the easiest meal I can think of to save my time and effort. What I wouldn’t give for a home-cook meal which I wouldn’t have to prepare myself. Why then wouldn’t you spend money on meals?

The answer is simple, meals here are expensive, a simple chicken rice would cost you about $7 and that is without drinks, which is why most people carry around with them water bottle. Fast food cost is equally expensive ranging from about $6 - $8 for a burger meal or $8 - $9 for KFC. Me being a guy with limited experience in grocery shopping was confounded by the prices of grocery but its definitely cheaper to cooked at home rather then eating out. The only comfort I have is chips which is relatively cheap at certain period, a big bag of chips cost around $2 when its on offer, so frequent trips to the supermarket are a must always with the knowledge that ifs its expensive now, jus wait for the next week, coz you know that the price will drop to that level. Unfortunately the weather is turning colder nowadays and that tends to make one more hungry, it’s kinda hard to sleep with an empty stomach but sleep will eventually come.

Good thing about being here thou is the pay for part time worker is good, friend at Mac told me he is earning about $16.50 an hr, cool right, no worker at sg can compare to that. With money in my sight I though it will be a good way to earned money and support myself.

But there are restriction to these condition, a student can only work for 20 hrs per week during school term and the full 40 hrs during break, which just about eliminates any office job, coz if you think about it which company would want to hire you for 2 and a half day? Even with data entry, the training and transition period from one co worker to another would take up the time. No to mention the tax that you would have to pay, tax here is apparently high but is claimable. So what are left are mostly sales and service jobs. Unfortunately Perth also happens to be the Australian state with the highest population of Asian student… hmmm… what does that mean then???

There is no need to say it, we all know it… haha…contrast to that I admit I didn’t put all my heart into finding a part time job, there are some circumstances that I place on myself in finding a job and that limits my choices. Fortunately my family is understanding about it, if I find a job they are happy about it but are more concerned with me being here studying.

But probably the most depressing thing that can happen to you here is the sense of loneliness. Maybe it’s me but it’s kinda hard to make friends when you come into university starting at the second year, most people have already form clique and when you are a newbie, you probably wouldn’t talked to people in your class during the first few weeks and then the chance is gone. Class is jus like most university, with common lecture for different majors, trying to find familiar face in class that shares your same major is not easy as it seems. Socializing for me is hard, although most of you think that I’m easy to talk to and fun to joke around, that is probably because we are friends for some time, if you had though back to the beginning, my behavior was probably distance until we knew each other better. Even with friends and family, I still a quite introvert and probably only a few people have heard me talked about my problems.

Socializing around probably does not exist, with a budget in mind and meals at home, I spent most of my time at home. Which lead to one of my room mates commenting whether I was studying at all here, in my defense, I had to say I planned my time table pretty good, with all my class squeeze into 3 days and the timing of it allowed me to eat lunch and dinner at home. Not so well is this term time table, although I manage to once again squeeze it into 3 days it’s mostly night class, as the lectures are mostly evening… FYI evening here is around 5pm as the sun has already set by that time (winter). Squeezing your schedule into 3 days is actually a good thing if you are holding a job, but if you are not then the time spend here is horribly long.

Especially during this break, oh how I’m regretting my sister offering asking me to come home for the break. 24/7 I have spend looking at the 4 walls of my room with the occasional trips to the toilet, kitchen and dining room, my world has shrink to the confines of my house. My eyes are eager for any sight that is different, my nose begs to smell fresh air, my ear begs to listen, and my mouth aches to speak. Sometimes I talked to my roommate or to my friend but that’s only for a short while and it’s never enough and then it’s back to the solitarily confinement of my room. The pressure is immense, sometimes it feels like the pressure is in my eyes or my mouth aching for relief but cant find the release. I combat it but trying to find things to do, reading books and sleeping are the only things that I have manage to do but both while offering me comfort also reinforce my solitarily. It’s a sad and pitiful existence and time pass slowly, sometimes it’s hard to sleep at night, the body natural amount of energy which is hardly spent at all during the day exerts itself and you toss and turn in bed in the dark…


Enough about these stuff… lets write about happier stuff… I think the thing that amaze me the most been here is the scenery… words cant describe it properly. Its like everything here from the flowers beside the roads to the tree… they have a vibrant lifelines in them, even pictures cant capture the glow, the beauty… before here I have never seen a sunflower that so … for want of a better word… “alive” although its jus roadside plant… its color jus seems to glow in the sun… sometimes when I’m bored, before it was too cold, I used to walk around the neighborhood and what a joy it was… coming from sg where everywhere was crowed and cramp, the air here is fresh and the plants are amazingly alive… even sometimes when I’m at home, I jus gaze outside my window to take in the trees… yes trees, the way the sun shine unto it changing its appearance to molten bronze and its amazing to see…no words are able to describe it but I think/hope most people would know what I mean, if you go overseas … to the remote places not like shopping area, you would know the tranquility of these meaning…

Quite a long post hur… hopes it satisfy you with what I been doing here… the everyday occurrences are too boring to note but if u want I can do it…

Here it is

1200 - 1300 : Reveille (wake up)

1300 - 1330 : Breakfast and wash up

1330 – 1830 : Leisure time (reading, grocery, walk, surfing the net, laundry,cleaning)

1830 – 1900 : Bath time

1900 – 2000 : Cooking and meal time

2000 – 2200 : Tv (depending if there is anything nice to watch)

2200 – 0200 : Surfing time

0200 – 1200 : Light out

Haha… it’s a standing joke with some of my friends when we haven’t meet up for some time… I used to report like that when they asked me what have I been doing… haha… its funnier when they ask you, and you go into attention mode and say it in a straight face…

That’s all for now… I will try to write some more… hope I remember my pw for my blog first… haha

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

i'm back again, finally u say

Hi everyone…

Haha… pai seh, its been a while since I update, nth much its just that I’m lazy to write and nth of interest happen. I’m jus writing now coz I think it’s a good exercise to let pple knows whats gg on here.

First and most impt, I have internet access finally… haha, why I never update my blog is also becoz I busy surfing the web. They have no unlimited broadband here thou, which is kinda weird, they have some limit like 60GB a mth, but that’s with a fixed phone line, currently using a 4GB/mth plan which cost a whopping $49. The roomies are getting better as in cleaner after they have been fined a few times. Met some of my ARMY friends here… its really a small world huh… know some guys and gals living ard the area and got to know some more pple in lecture.

The life here is boring, I know I know, u all think aussie is gd life, but not here man, everything closes at ard 5-6 and doesn’t open on Sunday… its like a ghost town at night and the night is seriously dark. Oh oh… daylight saving has ended here, so we’re back to the normal timing, which is the same as sg.

Hmm.. what else to talk abt… oh, lets talk abt the transport system, the bus follows a timetable!!! The bus is mostly on time and if they are early they wait at the bus stop. The frequency of the bus is a killer man, before 5pm its like once every 30 mins and after 5pm its like once a hr… I know. I waited for it before… their train system is kinda cool also, they are using something like the ezlink but their security is slack, u can jus use the train without paying coz theres like no barrier to block u, its like they trust you to pay ur own fare. And some of the stops the doors doesn’t open auto, u have to push a button for it to open.

Oh the part time pay is not that bad, from what I heard, mac is offering like 16.50 and hr… that’s like wow compared to sg. Oh yah, bad news, my PSP charger died on me… horrible man… without my psp charges, the nights were intolerable, luckily my friend also had psp so managed to charge a little. Also discovered the public library so I did some reading--- not studying….haha

In terms of food, it really sucks here lor, cant … never … impossible to compare to sg food, I had to make do with lots of chill and Tabasco sauce but also I think my taste has been ruined all my food is coated with sauces to mask my cooking haha…

Okie that’s all for now… guys update ur blog so I can know whats gg on… I will try to update mine also…


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

here i'm again...cant wait for school to start

Oh well I’m back again… what can I say it has been a boring time here for me…

Nothing much to write abt, went on a tour organized by the student guild, was okie, lots of Malaysian and not much Singaporean… cant find the sg pple… haha….that tells u not to skip orientation too much,( yes u guess it, I skip most of the orientation, it looks boring lah) wonder where they all are… oh well met some Malaysian, unfortunately they dun live at the same place at me, apparently most of them live at another hostel and most of them are here for only 1 year coz they transfer from a Curtin affiliated uni, so they are here for one year only, lucky… dun have much interact with my roomies coz they leave the house early for their foundation course, and then after that stay in their room… beside communication with them is kinda hard… on the bright side not all of them are muslim, I have a Kenya and a papua new guinea guy… the PNG guy is hardworking while the Kenya is like an American black, v laid black and hip hop.

Now waiting for class to start so I can meet new pple( pls let me meet some cha bo) Dun see much of the hostel pple ard, wonder what they do… cooked my first meal since arriving here that does not consist of instant noodle… not bad… of coz since I’m the one eating (begger cant be choosy)…haha… since I got nothing much to do and the days are bloody long(sunrise is from 6-6.30 and sunset ard 8-8.30) I’m been going for a jog(or a walk as some pple know me) nearly every day, its nice jus to walk ard the neighborhood, its now summer but the wind is cooling and dry so its not that bad…. Nights are like 15-18C, kinda cool for summer huh…

The hostel common room has a pool table… yuppie… but the condition of the ball and table is like crap…the white ball has cracks on it… sian… but oh well when u’re bored… u dun complain…different rules apply when I play pool here, instead of a foul ball when u can move the cue ball anyway on the table they have here instead a “second shot” that means u dun move the cue ball but have another additional shot when ur opponent fouls…

I wanna my internet… miss all my anime, shows and MSN… the campus wireless is limited, they have a quota for student use, so unlike sg. Gotta play save for my studies instead of playing ard the net… kinda expensive their internet plan here also, talking to a Malaysia and found out that he is sharing with his roomie a wireless plan… the cost… $50 for a 5MB plan, kinda ex huh…

Next week school is starting so I shall have something to do beside stoning, hibernating or playing my PSP (thank God I have one, or thank u my sister!!!) unfortunately need to have new games also…haha… fussy huh…

That’s all for now… more update when I feel like walking to the library to use the net…

Thursday, February 14, 2008

first entries

Hello everyone. Welcome to my new blog.

If most of u dun know, the reason why I’m starting this blog is because I have started my uni life in Australia, Curtin University, Perth.

So this blog is akin to my telephoning back to let pple know how I’m.

So lets get it started… shall we

9th Feb
The day that I set off from Sg taking Tiger Airline at the budget terminal. First time there, got to say it was an experience seeing the budget terminal for the first time, feel really … budget… hahaha… but after arriving at Perth INTERNATIONAL airport… our budget terminal can fight with their international… haha… The turnout for my departure was quite surprising, nearly my whole family(included relatives) with the exception of one cousin(who is probably not getting anything from me when I come back) haha… kidding… Pei lin and the gang was there to sent me off too, although I said it was alright not to come… thanks anyway for coming… had a mini modeling session before I went off, haha… I think my cousin most likely wanted to see my before and after photos when I come back from Australia, whether I would become like my sister(musing).

This is not to criticize Perth international airport, but their business is more concerned with domestic flights then international. So therefore their domestic is more busy and well staffed then international.

10th Feb
Arrived in Perth on time at 10pm. There is a time difference of 1 hour from here to Sg(here is faster). Got thru custom fast but was held up by the car company. No one was at the counter and it toke the staff ard 45mins to 1 hour to appear. After that the computer screw up with our reservation and we were further held up. Finally all the procedure was done with us putting a further deposit of $300 to be collected back on Monday when all the staff were back to work. We rented a Kia Getz, which is a manual vehicle, and my dad forgot how to drive a manual… haha… he said he was used to driving an auto, so we were further stuck up for another 15 mins while he tried to figure out how to start the car, reverse and change gear… getting grumpy by the min…

By the time we set off, it was ard midnight. The road in Australia is not like in sg where every few meter there is a light. There are some places where there is no lights for the whole road, and the darkness of the light was extreme man, it was totally pitch black if not for the car lights I think we couldn’t even see our hands if we put in in front of us!!! Had a hard time navigating as we were unused to the road and the map which my sister provided was total crap,so we drove ard lost looking for the few drunks that were abt to ask for directions(who said guys cant ask for directions) to our housing ( we were staying with my relative friend daughter). Finally arrived at ard 2 am, kinda paiseh coz Australians tend to slp early and they were waiting for us till we arrived at 2am.

Road signs in Australia are funny, they are located parallel to the road u are traveling.

The rest of the Sunday was spend driving ard touring the city, needless to say we got lost again… Australia have roads that are only one way, kinda confusing if u want to turn into that street… managed to find Chinatown and ate there but the food was really crap, Sg is still the best…

11th Feb
The official start of my orientation… compulsory for all international student to attend that’s why I’m here even when my class officially start on the 25th Feb and what did we do??? Listen to a bunch of crap that I already know and take my photo for my uni card. What a total waste of time. The international student for commerce is dominated by China student and I mean DOMINATED, i estimated abt 80% of the international student are from china… sian, probably have to brush up my Chinese again. After that I moved my things into my dorm which is abt 10 mins walk to the campus. Its 6 to a flat and the rooms is abt half my living room area at home with the height a little more towards the door(for family to imagine), and probably abt ¾ Wilson room in length and half the width( for my majong kaki). Met abt 4 of my roomies and …. They are all muslim not like Malaysia, Indonesia think Middle East type… yes Alvin… start ur jokes… haven’t met the last one coz I haven’t stayed there yet (still living with my relative friends). Spent the rest of the day driving ard.

12th Feb
Nth much happen today, skip most of the orientation program coz they were a bunch of crap. Shopped ard for necessity for my staying here and its not cheap, each meal cost ard 6 dollars and that’s not including drinks. Had dinner with my dad friend at swan lake not a bad place for sight seeing for abt 10 mins, after that u will be bored.

13th Feb
Attend one orientation session and skip the rest, went to find a decent shopping center. And found one, abt 30 mins from curtin. My dad is going back today so tonight will be my official first night here.

14th Feb
Staying in my room like usual to avoid all the love birds in the air… haha… feels like old time.

Now I’m done with the daily events. Lets get to the more important things here… the GIRLS!!! Haha

Lets jus say they really are bigger here!!! Haha… whats more, now is summer with temp hitting the high 30c…. woohhooooo…. Its HOT!!! Hahaha… those who know my resolution to TRY to get a jap or Korean GF should know its dead, survey done in orientation show no Jap or Korean student… haiz… have to say the girls here are more striking in terms of looks compared to sg girls, they dun depend much on make up, have fuller figure and mostly smoke a lot… haven’t adjust to the timing here, sunrise starts at 6.30am and sunsets at…. 8pm… hell a lot of difference from sg. Like I said earlier, temp is hitting 30 but humility is low so its hot but u dun sweat a lot so must drink lots of water, already have a tan from the few day I was here.

Oh yah, u guys probably wun find me much on MSN coz my dorm has no internet connection, I have to travel to the campus to use the wireless or the lab, that’s why my blog update will probably be boring weekly updates, unlike the usual blogging when u write when u feel like it. I dun know what to write at this moment, but if I miss anything or u guys wanna know anything jus tell me what u wanna know and I will write abt it.